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  • About Jorgenson-Lawrence
    Jorgenson-Lawrence was founded by Larry Shapiro, aircraft broker and ICAS Airshow announcer, to fill a special niche in the Northern and Central California aircraft market. J&L specializes in first-time aircraft buyers and modest-to-low time pilots wanting to trade up as their experience grows. For the new buyer or new pilot, it is vital that the he or she receive good, sound advice which leads to a sensible match between pilot and aircraft.

    Larry's stock-in-trade is straight talk. He will not recommend the wrong aircraft to you, nor will he sell it to you. But if you are realistic about your needs, there is no better place to find just the right aircraft.

    For sellers, Larry's reputation in the aviation community, as well as his constant exposure as host announcer at dozens of airshows each year, create a ready market for appropriate singles and light twins.

    J&L is located on the field at the Palo Alto Airport, 16 nautical miles southeast of the San Francisco International Airport, along Highway 101.

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