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Airshow Announcing
There's no airshow without the Announcer...
Airshows have become the second largest spectator sport in America after baseball. If you are planning an airshow -- whether for a small community or for the 50th Anniversary of the Air Force -- the first act you should hire is your ICAS announcer.

In recent years, Larry Shapiro's What's Up?! Entertainment has become the choice of military and civilian airshow directors across the United States. Named one of the ICAS (International Council of Airshow) top ten announcers, Larry has delighted millions with his non-stop narration and humor. But the true worth of an experienced ICAS announcer -- and Larry in particular -- goes far beyond entertainment.

Learn why an experienced ICAS announcer is critical to your success. See what people are saying about Larry and What's Up?! Airshow Entertainment, and let us really show you What's Up!

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