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We would like to sell your airplane...
Jorgenson-Lawrence has earned the confidence and thanks of pilots from all over the U.S. Broker Larry Shapiro specializes in singles and light twins for the low-to-mid-time pilot market, and has a reputation for carefully matching pilots to aircraft. This reputation, aggressive advertising and our ideal location in the center of the high-population-density, pilot-rich San Francisco Bay Area, combine to make Jorgenson-Lawrence the most reliable way to sell your aircraft.
...or help you buy one!
If you've made the difficult decision to buy an airplane, or move up, you'll want to do it here. We talk straight with you about your real needs, especially if you are a low-time pilot, and will only sell you the right aircraft. And, if what you need is not in our inventory, Jorgenson-Lawrence will find it for you.

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