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Here's what some nice folks had to say about us after we worked for them:

"You promised you wouldn't get me into trouble and you didn't whew! Thanks! How do you do it?"

Willie Turner, Wings Over Moffett Airshow

"Thanks for making my 'first one' a winner we're still laughing and bracing ourselves for next year! Now I know why you're the first one we hire!"

Brig. General Kevin Chilton, Wing Commander, Beale AFB

"We'll plan our event next year around your schedule you really make a difference, thanks!"

Northern California EAA

"Mark your calendar for next year. You proved why no one should do a show without a professional announcer. We never will, thanks . . ."

Bruce Riker - Woodland Airfair

"Even though we're a small show, you made us look big our cities looking forward to next year! Please come back!"

Mary Hansen, Yuba-County Air Expo

"The General orders you back for next year thanks for making us look good. Did I mention I got promoted?"

Lt. Col. Brock Eshelman, Travis AFB

"The next time someone asks me 'what's up?' I'll just tell them to ask Larry. I didn't know an airshow could be so much fun."

Captain Sean Bevins, Mc Connell AFB, Kansas

"Hiring you was the best investment we made for our show now we know why you needed all that ice cream the boss is still smiling . . ."

Lt. Col. Tom Walker, Vandenberg Air Force Base

"We never knew an announcer could make such a difference we all loved your costumes and spirit wish we could do it again!"

Major General Marvin Esmond, Nellis AFB

"Your performance was definitely a crowd pleaser. If I'm here next year, you're here next year . . ."

Captain L. D. Childress, CO NAS Lemoore

"You and your team kept your promise and delivered the best; everyone loved you. Let's get started on next year."

Scott Jenson, Napa Valley Air Show

"Rave reviews from everyone. My committee calls you the insurance policy, you paid off with dividends. Thanks Lar!"

Harry Wardwell, California International Airshow, Salinas, California

We've also enjoyed working at these great shows: McClellan AFB, Castle's Last Air Show, Edwards AFB, Nellis AFB 50th Anniversary of the USAF, Golden Air Tatoo, Lompoc & Corning's Airshows, The Famous Bob Herendeen Aerobatic Safety Seminar, Redlands Airshow, The Palo Alto Airport Open House, NAS Miramar, Point Magu,Truckee-Tahoe, the annual Watsonville Memorial Day Fly-In/Airshow, plus NAS Fallon, Wings Over Moffett, McConnell Air Force Base, and Portland Rose Festival.

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