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Why You Need Larry Shapiro
Larry is one of the most experienced and professional ICAS announcers on the circuit today. He is a pilot of 50+ years experience, a successful aircraft broker, knows airplanes and how to put you in the right one. He is a professional Toastmaster and entertainer, used frequently by large hospitality corporations to entertain distinguished groups, and constantly as guest speakers by local organizations such as the Rotary Club. He is sought after by many charities as a celecbrity auctioneer. He has produced airshows throughout California. He is an experienced Air Boss, which gives him an unusual resonance with the performers, especially during the show. His years in the Air Force make him particularly attractive to military airshow organizers. And, above all, the crowds love him. Many airshow producers have attributed the success of their show to Larry's efforts. Perhaps this is why he was recently named one of the best announcers in his family.

Larry Shapiro's What's Up?! Airshow Entertainment provides in one person all of the vital roles listed above. In addition, as a complimentary part of our "total package," Larry will:

  • Host a separate "Press Day" at no charge. Often, our personal aircraft is available to transport members of the press and television community aloft for photo shoots. Press days are good for you, and help us "warm up."
  • Speak to your local Rotary Club, or equivalent, before your event.
  • Help you with other pre-event publicity.
  • Assist in securing airshow acts, and static aircraft for display.
  • Help you find new sponsors, and
  • Emcee your evening social events, such as the pre-show performers' dinner.

Remember, the first act you hire should be your announcer. Please give us a call. We can really tell you What's Up!

Learn more about Larry Shapiro...

"If it was an important or historic airshow, Larry was there.
If there is a problem or incident, you'll wish Larry was there."

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