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Why You Need an ICAS Announcer
An airshow is a very unusual event. It combines the large crowds of a rock festival with the thrills and dangers of motorsports. It has the diversions of an Air and Space museum mixed in with the amenities of a country fair. Its guests expect to be continuously entertained and awed. And its organizers, sponsors, and concessionaires expect to make a profit.

From the moment you open your gates to the press until the final guest leaves -- often days later -- your airshow host announcer/narrator becomes the focal point for the entire event, and your best guarantee for safety and success. For a professional International Council of Airshows (ICAS) announcer acts simultaneously in the following capacities:

  • Safety Officer - Your first point of crowd control is the microphone, and you require an experienced hand (and voice) in the event of any problems -- from a medical emergency, lost children, barbeque fire -- to an aircraft incident or accident. The insights, assurances, and professional demeanor of the voice of your airshow is your best insurance for continuity and calm.
  • Promoter - Your host announcer has the ears of thousands for an entire day. He is unusually positioned to promote your sponsors, your concessionaires, your organization, and your upcoming events (including next year's airshow.)
  • Press Liaison - Your press activities and PR are incomplete without including your host announcer. Often, he has more insight and anecdotes to offer reporters and editors than most others on the field.
  • Performer Liaison - If your airshow features flying demonstrations, then throughout the event your host announcer is is in constant touch with the Air Boss, and often directly with the performers. A constant orchestration goes on "off microphone" to assure that the show flows smoothly, and the host announcer provides the true continuity for the audience. Especially when there are glitches behind the scenes.
  • Co-Producer - Professional host announcers often have a wealth of experience to offer you before your airshow begins, as to what works, what doesen't, and how to maximize your success. In addition, certain announcers have close links to nationally-known airshow performers and can often guarantee their participation. You and your committee should involve this critical resource well in advance.
  • Narrator/Entertainer - In the final analysis, your audience has come to be entertained, to hear about airplanes in the air and on the ground, and to have fun. The best professional airshow announcers are "on" from the moment the gates open until the sun goes down, and can keep the audience laughing, smiling, in awe, or informed throughout the day. This role is especially critical if there are problems, delays, or weather.
  • Your Host to the Audience - Even if your show features guest announcers who travel with individual airshow acts, you need a host. Your Host Announcer is your representative to your guests.

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